Each of us is unique. Regardless of our race, culture or background we contribute to the world every day just by existing. You approach life colored by your perception: a perception formed by your experiences. Most of our day-to-day influence is guided not by our conscious thought but by the Subconscious mind. Are you content with living on auto pilot?

All of the great philosophers have said the key to successful living is simple: Know Thyself. But what does it mean to really know yourself?  To me it doesn't mean finding answers; it is about the journey - the complex evolution of your experience here on earth; "Knowing yourself" is your life's journey of discovery and empowerment.

My company, Artravox, began as a forum for artists to sell their work. As a Libra I have a great natural love of beauty. I had spent most of my life as an observer so selling other people's creations made sense to me. As I grew Artravox morphed into a vehicle where I could express my own talent; the ability to help others connect to their personal passion and power. ARTRA came to represent expanding perspective or consciousness. When this new perspective is given voice (vox) then you will put power in your passion and create the life of your dreams.


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Are you a Diva Goddess ready to connect to your own power and to the infinite oneness of us all? It is the divine feminine energy which will help humanity transition to a more sustainable life.

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